For various reasons, the agricultural sector requires increasingly high performance lubricants and functional fluids. These include:

  • new technologies and ever more sophisticated components installed on machinery;
  • international regulations on emissions;
  • the extremely severe operating conditions of agricultural machinery.

PETRONAS AKROS RANGE provides an optimal response to these multiple requirements with specific products.


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Multifunctional oil (U.T.T.O.) for lubricating the transmissions of tractors and farm machines to be used for gearboxes and rear transmissions with wet brakes, side final drives, wheel final drives, differentials, hydraulic lift, drive pulley, mechanical steering, hydrostatic or power steering, central clutch.

AKROS MULTI FCT has been developed for lubricating the new generations of tractors and farm machines and allows:

  • High degree of effectiveness of the braking system with absolutely no noise, under all conditions of use of the machine, due to the optimum balancing of the friction characteristics.
  • Excellent protection against the wear caused by the work of the machine under the heaviest conditions of use.
  • Outstanding fluidity when cold to minimise power absorption and obtain an immediate response of the hydraulic controls.
  • Very good friction coefficient stability to make sure that performance levels remain unchanged over time.
  • High viscosity index to optimise the response of the servocontrols under all operating temperature conditions.
  • Specific additives to prevent the formation of sludge and deposits in the hydraulic circuit keeping the solenoid valves in peak operating conditions.

Since it exceeds the Quality Specifications of the Major European Manufacturers, AKROS MULTI FCT can be used for all types of tractors and farm machines of all types, brand and power rating.
AKROS MULTI FCT is available in the SAE 10W-30 grade for use all year round.

  • Specifications
  • SAE 10W-30
  • SDFG OT-1891A
  • API GL 4
  • Note: Product availability may vary in certain markets.

Engine oil for high performance tractors and farm machines with turbocharged or aspirated engine of all types and power ratings.

Specifically formulated engine oil for the complete protection of tractors or other farm machines operating in the toughest conditions. AKROS TURBO adds to the basic functions of AKROS engine oils:

  • High protection against the wear caused by the work of the machine under conditions with high load at low rpm.
  • Very good protection against deposits (sludge and other pollutants) Originated by high engine operating temperatures.
  • Excellent protection against acid products deriving from the combustion of fuel oils with high sulphur content.
  • Trouble-free cold starting along with high and constant pressure of the lubrication circuit under all operating conditions.

The specific features of a formula studied especially for supercharged engines in which the operating temperature and mechanical loads resulting from the high specific power rates require extra protection from the lubricant, in particular as far as the formation of deposits and wear are concerned. It exceeds the quality specifications of the major european manufacturers.

  • Specifications
  • SAE 15W-40
  • SDFG OM-1991
  • ACEA E7/E5/E3
  • API CI-4/CH-4/CG-4/CF-4/CF
  • MB-Approval 228.3
  • CUMMINS CES 20078/20077/20076/20072/20071
  • CAT ECF-1
  • MAN M3275
  • RENAULT RVI RLD-2 Performance, MACK EO-M Plus
  • Note: Product availability may vary in certain markets.
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