A Celebratory Message
from Our CEO
2012 is very special to all of us at PLI, as it marks a century of our operations.

A century is indeed, a very long time. Few and far between are entities that sustain their presence for 100 years and beyond. Theirs is a journey etched with trials and tribulations, successes and accomplishments, achieved only through their resolve, resilience and wisdom - with a wealth of expertise and experience gained along the way. They survive the test of time and leave behind an enduring heritage.

I am therefore more than proud that PLI now belongs to this rare breed of "centenarians". With our own story to tell.

Our origins can be traced way back to 1912, the year FIAT established Sezione Lubrificante, an internal department to manage the supply of first-fill lubricants for cars they manufactured. Over time, this little department grew to become one of the world’s largest independent lubricant manufacturers, known as FL Selenia. In late 2007, it was acquired by PETRONAS to become a significant part of PLI.

Having been involved in fluids and lubricants when industrialisation was taking shape in continental Europe, FL was the beneficiary of pioneering technologies. It grew and evolved alongside many machinery and equipment makers in the continent, taking part in as well as contributing towards their advancement.

PETRONAS acknowledges the legacy that it inherited, and in the effort to preserve that legacy, a new company philosophy called "Fluids Technology Solutions" was created to give PLI a more modern perspective.

Having been around for a hundred years made us realise how technology rapidly alters lives. Machines and engines of the modern world are created with so many variations to fulfill diverse values sought by users. They require distinct blends of lubricants and functional fluids to make them work as designed and "Fluids Technology Solutions" was adopted at PLI to address this situation.

As we mark our centennial, we would like to pay tribute to those before us who have made the journey to this juncture possible. They are not just those who have donned the PLI colours, but also our clients, consumers, business and technology partners, suppliers, contractors and many, many more. Without their contributions, we could not have made it this far.

The slogan "A Century of Fluids Innovation" that we have adopted for this centenary commemoration refers to their tenacious, innovative spirit - designing and developing fluids that power machines, develop the world, and thus making it a better place to live in.

While it seems that we have come full circle with "A Century of Fluids Innovation" commemoration, we are actually far from resting on our laurels. We intend to continue innovating fluids and explore new frontiers, to play our role in helping to create a better life and progressive future for us all.

May we continue to create and innovate for another 100 years to come.

Managing Director / Chief Executive Officer
PETRONAS Lubricants International Group

Premiere of
A Century of Fluids Innovation Film

Fluids move the world around us. We may not see them, but they have been the essential and present force behind almost every human technology for 100 years. The PLI brand film takes us on a journey of innovation; from the lubricants that gave life to our first cars, to the modern-day machine fluids that let us build higher and go further, into the extreme and beyond.

Our Milestones (1912-2012)
Acquisitions, international growth, product expansion, partnerships. Chronicled in years and in detail.
Express and Appreciate
Fluids in Artistic Motion

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